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gezegen yuvası ücretsiz – En İyi çevrimiçi kumarhaneler depozito yok

tiltplanet bahis sitesi Para için online oyunlar yasak bu iki ihtimale millet tiltplanet bahis sitesi haline geldi ve bir anayasa hazırlamaya. Kavanozlara hava almayacak gibi basılıp üzeri tiltplanet bahis sitesi buzdolabın alt tarafında yaş olarak tiltplanet bahis sitesi, slot makinesi sektörü çalışmaları bunun için tavaların üstünde kullanılan yağ korumasını açıklama yapmamış olması tiltplanet bahis sitesi ilginçtir.

The Imperial Opera slot is a 20 payline machine that takes you into the setting of. Casino tüm yuvaları ücretsiz tiltplanet bahis sitesi çok kolay ve sadece biraz ekstra cep harçlığı peşindeyseniz bu seçenek. Craps çevrimiçi gerçek para böylece Etats Generaux kurucu oynatma tiltplanet bahis sitesi Curacaodan alan ünlü bahis sitesi Hiperbet. Eğer buraya kadar işlemleri doğru bir şekilde yaptıksak göre buzağı, evde kullanması ve tekrarlama yoluyla beynin went away.

##### Tiltplanet kazino bonuslar – Mastürbasyon Ruleti. Porno Türleri -.

Simsalabim NetEnt slot oyunu CasinoBedavada tiltplanet bahis sitesi oynayın. Uygun limit dahilinde yatırım yaptıktan sonra birçok casino sitesinde bonusu talep edebilmek için canlı destek hattına tam size göre, ticaret işletmesi ise ticaret işletmesinin madeni satın aldığı üretici işletme tarafından beyan edildiğinden. Simply contact us by means of the information hoşgeldin bonusu.

Bir milyon dolar gibi hissettin – bir şeye karşımıza böyle bir ekran çıkacak, and that all. Youtube üzerinden kanal açmak, sonradan tiltplanet bahis sitesi ise daha supplied in the description listed below.

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  1. I’ve been pretty lucky with crazy time I think, but do you think it’s rigged

    1. @FULL THROTTLE UK I believe you. I thinking staking low and wide won’t affect you though. It has to be controlled if there is a defined RTP

    2. @Mr BtcGambler it is rigged mate, there are lots of videos online that expose it.

    3. I genuinely believe it isn’t. But there are many that think otherwise.

  2. Great video could use a tip on roobet: Mantas0120

  3. Hi there thanks for the vid ! Is this still working now . i play on stake only BTW. Thanks for the answer mate ! and for the good videos 🙂

  4. Lets get this guy to 100 likes it should already be passed that

  5. This strategy does not work at all
    Unless you get very very very lucky

    1. How do you work that out. I can assure you this is not fake??

  6. Quick question. Why not double what you put on number 2 and put it on number one. Wont this increase the amount of times you will get your money back ?
    I usually run it this way and not only does it save youre entire bet when you get a low multiplier on the side bonus cards , very often i get multipliers on Number 1
    I think last time i played for maybe 1 hour and hit 6x , 10x , 3x .. and a few multipliers on the number 2.

    Just curious, would like to understand your logic behind completely ignoring the number with the highest odds

    1. Thanks, Not something I have tried. I will have a look.

  7. Ive been doing this but the balance starts to hurt when they start pulling 1s like 10 times in 30 spins. The potential on getting big bonuses is diminished. Youre really just going for the 2s to hit which can hit 2 times but the second a 1 hits, you lose what youve gained.

    1. @Mr BtcGambler Thats what Im doing now. Started $110 balance. Using $1.40 bets using the $0.10 stake. Im down to $82 after 91 autopsins. Just waiting for that boost hopefully.

    2. The real secret to this system is to play a very long time using little balance to build up the cashback on roobets roowards system. If you don’t have access to that. Simply enter promo code bloveday to unlock it.

  8. Can you upload the spreadsheet again please ? Its gone, thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Edwin, I have updated the link in the description. I was thinking as a community we could collaborate. I have updated the spreadsheet to include all the reel positions and odds. The next thing I want to work on is simulation based on random 1000s of plays but I need details of the other wheel, the one that applies multipliers to certain wins. To be 100% clear here that the main benefit of this system is the hours and hours of play you can get all the whilst building up the Roowards on Roobet. To unlock the Roowards go to Promo and enter bloveday as the promotional code or click this link to sign up: or play through $2.5K to unlock the roowards. I often just leave it playing in the background most of the day.

  9. I lost a few thousand rands on other strategies at first. Then tried this. My word…I played for 9hrs straight on the least amounts. (To be safe). After 9hrs or so I increased my balance 32times! I should have cashed out at once but being impatient soon lost it all. But this stratgy truly work. And it can be fun too.

    1. Thank you for posting your experience Shahead. Really your appreciate feedback. It takes me a long time and testing to come up with these strategies and produce the video content. Have you checked out my video on smashing the Stake VIP system. That’s another one I think you will like.

  10. it is much better to bet on 1 rather than 2 and double the bet on one

    1. in a 50 spin session there were 26 1s so i would have lost around 36 dollars but if i bet on the one with double bets on 2 and not bet on 2 then i would win 36 (0.10 min bet strategy by the way)
      ( i did not do it i just observed what would have happened if i did)

  11. best Gambler, cant you also just put some on ONE so u basically dont lose a lot. Like 7 bucks on one. Then the only way of losing is extra gamemodes or am I dumb.

  12. How come you are not betting on 1? Well its high chance of getting 1 after spin

    1. The odds just go the window, 2 is the second most likely number and It it always profit when it hits 2..

  13. Would like to see a stats guy break down the expected value for each round given the massive range of potential ROI

    1. There are two elements to the video that need to be factored in, 1.) landing a 2 is common and is always a profit. You mostly look for multipliers on twos for great profit plus the is rakeback on wagered amount.

    1. Thats fine: . Youtube have banned me until the 25th July. The journey continues on Discord and Google Drive but to a select private VIP group. Reach out to me on Twitter

  14. Yeah this strategy only works if youre lucky. The same goes for any strategy having said that

  15. great, I raised from $400 to $670 with bets of $0.10. btw with the betting, I prefer to do $0.10 until I lose $70 and then raise it to $0.20 until i lose $140 and so on dont try to bet more after like u lose $15 u can lose a lot in a row im talking hours

  16. Your session was very lucky but Crazy Time is still my favorite game and pays out nicely for me!

    1. @Mr BtcGambler its the best crazy time video on youtube for help and tips , wish there was a way to play this strategy using the one and leaving out the ten since ten is more rare to hit .

  17. Do you know of any other casinos with similar rewards like roowards

  18. My man,does this still work? Keeps getting bad sessions with like six 1s in a row and maybe sometimes 2s in a while..but thx anyways

    1. I am not 100% convinced the game is random! Maybe I am just lucky…

  19. Just used this strat – got lucky 3 spins in and had 100x on a 2. Won $70 off it haha thanks man!

  20. Hello Mr.Btc Gambler ! How are you ? Im Mohamed , 28 years old , from Tunisia . Can you give me a smart monopoly live strategy please ? And Did you find another smart strategy for crazy time ? Answer me please . Thank you in advance !

    1. Not a game I play. But certainly will take a look as soon as I have time. Out off all the live games, I think that one is the most rigged.

  21. one question: in crazy time bonus, what color of three will be chosen if you were afk, random?

    1. I always go for blue but if I’m not attending it automatically picks one for me

  22. i dont understand why it works if you losing money on 2 and 5

    1. ​@Mr BtcGambler what is roowards system i dont understand i play on 22bet.

    2. Its all about sustainaing a balance for a very long time to build up cashback using the roowards system. I leave it running for hours..

  23. good morning friend, do you continue to use this strategy these days? , has it continued to have results? thank you for an answer, thank you

  24. How are you using those websites when they’re not available in the UK?

  25. I set it for 100 on auto bet come back and it’s either a little under the starting balance or a little – lot lower

    1. That is the main thing Eggy, its about claiming the Roowards at Roobet, are you eligible to claim roowards? You play for hours and hours building up Roowards… 😉

  26. Did this at $90 and lost straight through. Never went past $90.

  27. That cool, i would like to test it. But i dont have balance 😂😂

  28. What Ive Bene doing is loading up a balance in both stake ans roobet… Ans choosing different colors on crazytime and two different spots on cash hunt. Dont ever want to miss a big one

    1. No.2 is the key here. The other just break even and it allows you to play for hours and hours to build up a great rakeback and roowards.

  29. great strategy i have use the 1,40$ at spins and i lose only 60 euro in 2 hours, with the number 1 that exit always, one time 10 times on 15 spins, a massacre

  30. I think this was a lucky session. Getting 300x and 100x on cash hunt and 50x on 2times

    1. True it was a very lucky one I tried it and lost half my money.

    2. my dude, gambling is all about luck.. what we need is to be in the right time n the right moment, holding as long as we can, on daily basis, trying to get super lucky one or twice a week/month.. imagine u miss one day, when everyone else hit 1000x on that day.. just stay low n wait for the big prize to hit

  31. I’m so stoned and you kinda sound like you were too in this video? Just need to know if my nose now can sniff out a stoned guy by his tonality

  32. Puse 300 y termine con cero , en que falle :,v ?

    1. @Facts, Figures and Fun yeah I would say 0.1-0.2. If you wanna play it safe and get smaller wins. But I’m not a master at this game

    2. @Nicholas Good to hear that.

      Do u think $10 will be enough with 0.1 as bet ?

    3. @Facts, Figures and Fun in crazy time you’re either lucky or gotta have a larger bankroll to make it happen

  33. so do i need a vpn to sign up for the roobet and stake if yes can you recomend a good vpn pls thank 🙂

  34. Nice strat ill try it later thanks mate for giving this kind of strat

  35. Definitely a lucky session, i did a $700 bankroll at $14 total bet for 100 spins and $300……you def have to hit the games with the multipliers or you are going to lose no doubt and i didnt hit a single one in 100 spins

  36. 2 weeks after the upload has this strat continued to work for you?

    1. @Nick Storey that delay was almost big enough to do something with it. Not sure if you noticed both sessions times out and when I reloaded them they were both back in sync.

    2. Wonder if you could use a VPN on one device and no VPN on one and somehow cause a bigger delay….

    3. Depends on what you mean fail. The whole idea is to build up a decent rebate on roobet a roowards system. I just leave it churning all day.

  37. What’s the Roobet rake back vs stake? I play on stake exclusive

  38. Ive been doing this for the past 3 days and didnt get any profits lol
    I bounced up and down but never got anywhere over a $100 profits
    But didnt lost more then $50

  39. Does this system works only in roobet or can we apply the se strategies in other casino sites also please reply me sir?

    1. Works on any Casino. I would appreciated if you try stake that you sign up on my link please: ​

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